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From Hop Farm to Wet Hop IPA... Firkins for Films

In this video we visit Sunny Brae Hop Farm in Carlisle, PA to meet with Adam and Diana for a tour of their beautiful hop farm. We then head to Root Down Brewing Company in Phoenixville, PA with Sunny Brae's fresh Cascade hops to include in Root Down's all Pennsylvania IPA. The video continues with a party at Root Down where we serve the IPA wet-hopped with Cascade hops from a Firkin to raise money for the historic Colonial Theatre.


Special thanks to Adam and Diana from Sunny Brae Hop Farm, Mike & Steve from Root Down Brewing Company, Emily from The Colonial Theatre, Lynda from Fox and Phoenix, Ashley from Riverworks, and all of our 'Movie Buffs' who contributed their favorite movies. What a great event and fantastic fundraiser! Cheers!!!!!

Brewing Beer with Coffee; a Stout and an IPA (Part 2) - Steel City Tasting Event

In this video we gather our friends and family to taste our Coffee Infused IPA and Coffee Infused Stout.  We had a fantastic time!  A special thanks to Steel City Coffee House, Hobo Ed, The Core, and all of our Tasters!

International Homebrew Day Video Montage

With your help, we did it!  We changed National Homebrew Day to International Homebrew Day receiving hours and hours of footage from over 16 countries!

Check out our blog to read more:

International Homebrew Day Video Challenge

In 1988, May 7 was announced before US Congress as National Homebrew Day. This year the American Homebrewers Association is hosting Big Brew Day:

So we are looking for your videos!!!  Send in your video so we can create a video montage.  Watch our video to see the details.

Brewing Beer with Coffee; a Stout and an IPA

Have you wanted to try brewing beer with coffee? Should you go traditional and do a coffee stout? Or be adventurous and try a coffee IPA? Not sure what the process is? Ornery Ales has figured it out.

Find out the best way to prepare your coffee, what proportions and when to add the coffee to your brew.

Special thanks to Steel City Coffee House in Phoenixville, PA for supplying the coffee.

Barrel Brew - Barrel Aging & Tasting

In this video Rich & Corey visit Bluebird Distilling in Phoenixville, PA to purchase a bourbon barrel to age their Oswego brown ale in.  They then host a tasting at Bluebird Distilling where they have their friends taste their Oswego brown ale and the same beer aged in a four grain bourbon barrel for five weeks.


  Grains - 83% 2 Row 17% Caramel/Crystal/Chocolate/Black

  Hops - Magnum (bittering), Liberty (flavor), Cascade (aroma)

  Yeast - American Ale Yeast (WLP060)

God's Eye View - Top down view of Brew in the Bag

In this video Corey brews using his Brew in the Bag setup, recording the process from 'God's Eye View'.  This is a fun, fast video!

All-Grain vs Extract - Taste Test

In this video Rich & Corey invite their friends to taste both beers and vote on whether they prefer the beer made from all-grain or the beer made from extract.

All-Grain vs Extract - Brewing

In this video Rich & Corey compare and contrast the process of making beer from all-grain versus extract.  The recipe used is a SMASH (Single Malt Single Hop) from Northern Brewer. 

Recipe:  Extract & All-Grain



Ornery Ales Productions creates entertaining and educational videos that explore the world of home brewing and craft beer.  Our video productions focus on both our homebrewing experiences as well as promoting local businesses.



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