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A Virtual Celebration of Inter-National Homebrew Day!

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the US congress declaring May 7th National Homebrew Day. For homebrewers across the world this has become a symbolic day to celebrate their passion for homebrewing with their fellow brewing pals and gals. To encourage homebrewers world-wide to celebrate National Homebrew Day, the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) coordinates a massive event called AHA Big Brew day, which this year is set for Saturday May 5th.

For as long as the AHA has held Big Brew Day the event has been all about the physical celebration of brewing; hosting an event, brewing together, drinking together… essentially being with one another to celebrate. Last year, together with 44 homebrewers from 16 countries, Ornery Ales Productions broke that mold and created a virtual celebration of Inter-National Homebrew Day allowing homebrewers from all over the world to celebrate without being with one another! Homebrewers from the US to Croatia to Brazil to Japan to New Zealand to Germany (and 10 other represented countries) virtually celebrated the anniversary of this great event by assembling an Inter-National Homebrew Video Montage. The result was amazing, see for yourself:

This year we are ready to do it all over again, but even bigger and with even more of an International footprint. If you are celebrating AHA Big Brew Day on Saturday May 5th or if you plan to brew between now and May 10th, we want your video!

What do you need to do?

  • Record yourself or you and your friends brewing. No editing is necessary, just raw footage…

  • If you use a phone to take the video make sure you shoot it horizontal not vertical…

  • In the video let us know who you are, what you are brewing, and where you are from…

  • Give a hearty cheer to Inter-National Homebrew Day…

  • Upload your video to

  • And if you need some ideas there are 44 other samples from last year!


Last year, we wanted to reward homebrewers for their participation with prizes. To be honest though, they weren’t anything too cool, just Ornery Ales t-shirts… This year we wanted to make a big splash and went out and recruited sponsors to provide some kicka** prizes. Check them out below!

  • Experimental Brewing - Denny Conn and Drew Beechum were both stars of our video last year and they came up with a brilliant idea to help us out; they will be selecting their favorite brewer/video and having them on the podcast for a 2-minute interview!

  • Beer Simple Blog - Josh Weikert also came up with another awesome idea and will be selecting a homebrewer from a place that requires a creative approach to homebrewing to interview/profile in his Beer Culture blog!

  • Great Fermentations ($100 Gift Card), Brulosophy (Swag), The Brewing Network (Shwag), GigaYeast (Yeast), and GrogTag ($30 Gift Certificate) have all stepped up and will be selecting their favorite homebrewer from the video to receive their prize!

Some great quotes to leave you with from last year’s video…

"I love this hobby and I love everyone involved in this hobby, there are so many of us doing this, not only in the U.S., but worldwide!" Drew Beechum (Experimental Brewing), USA

“An Aussie, in New Zealand, brewing an American Style beer with a recipe from a Scottish brewery… it doesn’t get any more international than that!” jimkat2, New Zealand

Happy Inter-National Homebrew Day!


Thank you to our Sponsors!

We market, coordinate, and produce this video because we love homebrewing and do not receive any proceeds from our sponsors for this video. Sponsors are solely used to reward those who participate in the final video and are offering up their support to thank the global homebrewing community. A special thanks to the American Hombrewers Association for their support in the marketing of this project!


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